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Supporting Our Chosen Charity

Showing our support for a local charity is something we take pride in and enjoy doing. Since 2012 we have chosen to pledge our support to Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre who provides holidays for children from Derbyshire at its Centre in Skegness – no better match for a company such as ourselves.

Rayburn Tours Charity Events

Our enthusiastic charity team organise numerous charity events, from bake sales and Christmas raffles to sporting sweepstakes and dress-down days, all with the sole aim of raising as much money as possible for a well-deserving charity.

Our latest efforts include a charity abseil and a 260-mile bike ride undertaken by Rayburn Tours’ Managing Director, John Boyden.

“Your ongoing support is so very much appreciated, it will help to make the lives of our deserving children that little more enriched.”

David Harris, Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre

Why not find out more about the work of Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre?

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Since 1891, the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre has provided holidays for children from Derbyshire at its Centre in Skegness. These children’s lives are such that they will benefit from a change to and respite from their daily lives. The holidays can also provide much needed respite to the children’s parents, guardians and carers.

Children nominated for holidays are likely to come from homes where the impact of financial hardship, deprivation or abuse has created a situation where stress is all too common and there are few comforts.

Children may also be nominated when parental care is warm and loving but that love is unable to be extended to providing the benefits, such as a holiday, that parents would wish their children to enjoy. In other cases, it may be due to the inability of parents to cope with situations and the demands of the life in which they find themselves.

Rayburn Tours, operator of Educational Trips for local schools and youth groups, provides a distinct synergy with the Centre which greatly enhances the relationship. We are thrilled to make the DCHC Centre our chosen charity and support them year after year. 

Learn more about the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre and how you can support the children on their website: www.dchc.org.uk.

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