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Destination Specific Risk Assessments

We all understand why risk assessments have to be completed prior to any educational trip but that doesn’t make the task any less painful or time consuming – that’s where we can help!

Generic risk assessments are available for all Rayburn Tours Educational Trips, but for Geography Teachers, we have gone one step further and completed destination specific risk assessments for all of our Geography Trip destinations.

Our destination specific risk assessments identify the risks associated with activities, services and facilities that make up our Geography Trip itineraries and provide control measures that you and your students can implement to help mitigate the identified risks.

Depending on your school or LA’s requirements you may find that our risk assessments are sufficient and can be submitted as you receive them. For those teachers who need to fill out a separate risk assessment form or document, you will find that our destination specific risk assessments give you all the information you require.

A copy of the relevant risk assessment will be sent to you in your booking confirmation pack. However should you wish to receive a copy prior to booking then please contact a School Tour Consultant to request your copy.

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