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On-tour Study Resources

The perfect resources for any Geography Trip…

Geography Study Resources

Maximise the learning and teaching experiences whilst out on tour by incorporating our multiple award-winning geography study resources!

Developed by our Geography Tours Development Manager, our Study Handbooks have been written to complement the new curriculum and are suitable for studies from GCSE/National 5 up to A Level/Higher.

Bespoke to each tour, these Study Resources offer a host of pre and post-visit activities and information, as well as interactive on-site tasks. Our ‘Study Handbooks’ comprise of a ‘Student Handbook’ and corresponding ‘Teacher Guide’, made up of destination specific study units. ‘Destination Guides’ provide geographical background and information on each day’s location.

Geography trips to France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sicily, Iceland, Morocco, and the South West USA are accompanied by a destination specific Study Handbook to support the educational aspects of a tour in considerable depth.

Trips to the Bay of Naples and Spain can be accompanied with a more compact Destination Guide. These are designed to set the scene before each visit by providing detailed background information through a mix of maps, diagrams, photographs and text. Additionally, there are some geography options that can be incorporated for those teachers who wish to include on-site fieldwork from time to time.

To ensure your students get the most out of their time away, we recommend that all of our Geography Trips are accompanied by either a Study Handbook or Destination Guide.

“These resources are designed to support students and teachers in the field as they explore the world around them. They provide a focus and structure for students as they tackle geographical issues and make connections between the real world and geographical theory.”

Cath Rule, Geography Tours Development Manager

Multiple Award-Winning Resources:

Geography Association Highly Commended
scottish Association of Geography Teachers

Our range of Study Handbooks have been bestowed multiple awards by the Geographical Association and the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers.

The judges at the GA Awards said, “These resources set a high standard for fieldwork support materials, in terms of both presentation and content. They are attractive, robust and well presented. The pack contains everything a teacher and student would need for both on-site and follow-up activities, including preparation for exams, while encouraging teachers to develop their own knowledge and supplementary materials. This study handbook sets a benchmark for study tour materials which all tour operators should emulate.”

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