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History School Trips to Munich, Germany

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This charming city’s idealised Germanic past is blemished with a brutal history.

Whilst Bavaria’s capital is brimming with old-world charm, Munich was the city that gave rise to National Socialism. Chart the rise of Hitler and the Nazis in German politics, as you witness the sites where the leader made his early speeches and attempted his failed Putsch of 1923.

In contrast to one of the city’s darkest moments, Munich is also home to some of the more heroic incidents of human behaviour, including the story of siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl who joined their friends to create the White Rose resistance group to Nazism. Memorials to both them and the group’s activities promise a moving experience and are an essential part of a Munich trip.

Bring history to life

A helping hand from a History Tour Guide.
Expert knowledge, an understanding of your students’ educational and social needs and in-the-field assistance are just three of the benefits of opting for a History Tour Guide. We have carefully selected a guide who is experienced in leading History Trips to Munich.

Find out how a guide can enhance your school’s History Trip.

“A fantastic and diverse historical experience.”

Mr Flower, June 2016 - Munich

“All excursions were very good, but the day in Nuremberg was the best trip by far.”

Mr Rob Potter, Harrow School - Munich

Hitler’s Stomping Ground

What makes a visit to Munich all the more interesting is the chance to delve deeper into the life and mind of Adolf Hitler and the people he kept close to him. As his stomping ground after WWI, during his party’s rise to power and during WWII, many of the sites in and around the city help your students to uncover more about the man himself.

Why Munich?

Munich may be the latest addition to our selection of History Trip destinations but it’s quickly shaping up to be one of the favourites.

Did you know?

The start of 2013 marked 80 year since Hitler’s accession to Reich Chancellor.

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Munich Fact File

Perfect for:
All secondary school students

Transport options::

Nearest Airport:
Munich Airport

Curricular Links:

  • Medieval and imperial history
  • German history across time
  • The Holocaust
  • Weimar Germany
  • Nazism and the Second World War
  • Policies of peace and the Cold War
  • Modern German history
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Study Visits

Munich History Study Visits

The Bavarian capital is brimming with study visits that will help students explore The Third Reich and the rise of the Nazi party. Here you can discover just some of our most highly recommended visits.

Walking tour of the city Berchtesgaden Nuremberg (Nazi Rally Grounds) Dachau concentration camp White Rose Memorial
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Munich Sample Itineraries

Your bespoke itinerary will include the appropriate balance of educational visits and leisure excursions to fill your chosen duration and meet your aims and objectives. Your dedicated School Tour Coordinator will offer advice and recommendations with the sole aim of creating the perfect itinerary for your group, but just to get you inspired, we have outlined the itineraries created for two of our clients below.


4 days,
3 nights

Dates: 12th – 15th December 

Departure airport: Manchester Airport

Passengers: 21 students and 3 teachers

Accommodation: The A&O Hostel Munchen Hackerbrucke

Board Basis: Bed and Breakfast

Overview of visits: Third Reich History Trip, Nymphenburg Palace, Olympic Tower, Christmas markets, Dachau Concentration Camp and Memorial site, Nuremberg Documentation Centre.

Day 1:

After a lunchtime flight the group arrived in Munich to be met by their coach before being taken to their home for the duration of their stay, the A&O Hostel. After check-in and unpacking their belongings, it was time to start their trip off with an evening meal at Munich’s lively world-famous beer hall the Hofbrauhaus, for their first taste of Munich’s hearty cuisine.

View the full day-by-day itinerary

Day 2:

Today started with a Third Reich History Trip of Munich with their guide Jeff Cox. The group took in the historical sights of Munich including Hofgarten and the sites of mass party rallies at Konigsplatz along with the many examples of museums, churches and historic buildings. Once lunch had been eaten it was onto the Nymphenburg Palace; the baroque palace of the Bavarian monarchs. Using public transport it was then onto the Olympic Tower for breathtaking views of the city and the Alps beyond from a staggering 190m up. For a festive end to the day it was onto the centre of Munich for a visit to the Christmas market at Marienplatz before the group returned to the hotel. The group enjoyed a much needed nights rest.

“All excursions were very good, but the day in Nuremberg was the best trip by far.”

Mr Rob Potter, Harrow School - Munich

Day 3:

The group ate breakfast and then collected their packed lunch before meeting up with their tour guide for their departure to Dachau Concentration Camp and Memorial site. The students learned of the many experiments that were carried out at this camp, which made it an extremely revealing and moving experience. The group returned to Munich for some much needed relaxation, a visit to the Christmas markets provided just this opportunity, before dining at the Donisl Restaurant for their early evening meal.

Day 4:

The group checked out of the hostel and loaded the coach before departing for Nuremberg and the Documentation Centre, the intended future headquarters of the Nazi party. The group then took a guided tour of Nazi Party Rally grounds plus Nuremberg city sites before their departure home and arrival back in the UK.

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Munich Accommodation

We have a number of hotels and hostels in and around Munich which are perfectly suited to school groups. Here are just a few of our favourites:

Hotel Dolomit

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This friendly family run hotel is located right in the City centre with excellent links to all the major public transport networks, providing easy access to the attractions of this Bavarian capital. All rooms come with private bathroom facilities and flat screen TV.

Hotel Dolomite
Hotel Dolomite Hotel Dolomite Hotel Dolomite Hotel Dolomite Hotel Dolomite
  • Large breakfast room
  • Restaurant
  • 24 hour reception and snacks (snacks available at an extra charge).

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