Sarah Wigelsworth - Tour Consultant

Sarah Wigelsworth - Tour Consultant

Sarah WIgglesworth

Sarah Wigelsworth

Tour Consultant, Educational Tours

Languages spoken: Basic Spanish - although I'd like to improve!

Most memorable moment on tour: My first visit to Iceland in -12 degrees, knee-high in snow - I found it amazing and have never seen that much snow before! When the sun shone it was definitely a winter wonderland and there were so many extraordinary places to see. I have an Icelandic group that I listen to and when I hear it, it brings back all the great memories of my trip there.

What I enjoy most about my job: Meeting the customer's needs and expectations and hearing how excited they are about going on tour. I often imagine going on the tour myself, picturing all of the different places and how fantastic they are. Also hearing back from the party leaders about how great their tour was and that they'll look to book with us again. I feel lucky to enjoy these rewards on a daily basis.

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