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Faringdon College: Iceland 2013 Tour

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Just getting to grips with blogging! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ian and I will be your FST throughout your tour. I will be hoping to open eyes and minds to all things geographical (in a gentle way, hopefully!). I hope all participants are looking forward to Faringdon College’s return trip to Iceland. Presently it is unseasonally mild (i.e. a roasting +10 degrees C!) but the volcanic mountains have had their first coating of winter snows.


I had a flock of 7 ptarmigans in my garden this morning and their feathers are already 90% white (their feathers are brown in the summer time); so, winter cannot be far away! Remember to pack to be warm, to be dry and to be windproof! Looking forward to meeting you all in the Arrivals Hall at Keflavik Airport in just over 48 hours. Sjaumst, Ian