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Day 3 in NYC

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

On Day 3 we started our journey to Battery Park at 8:30 on the subway, where we travelled to the port where we departed to Staten Island via a Ferry.  The ferry was a rocky ride, but we took in some great sights along the way including Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge.  We arrived at the Statue of Liberty, in awe of what was in front of us.  After being searched twice we walked around the base and witnessed incredible views of the New York skyline.  Everyone then climbed the many hundreds of steps to the top of the pedestal.

We then moved on to the 9/11 memorial site.  Not only did we get to learn about the new World Trade Centre, but also experienced overwhelming emotions.  Although there were thousands of people, the site was almost silent, a feat that showed just how much the tragedy effected everyone.

Our final stop of the day as a group was at the Rockefeller Centre, where we towered over the city on the observation deck. The views were incredible; being able to look over the city from every direction is something that should be witnessed in person.

Our final challenge was to split into groups, and pay for a meal near Times Square, for less than $20 per person. We had to be back for 9:00pm, so that we could pass the challenge and earn a Ben & Jerry’s. For the meal, we had to work out tax and a service charge in order to stay under our budget. We all passed and enjoyed some delicious ice cream!

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