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Day 3

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The Blue Lagoon, once I had informed the students that the Blue Lagoon is not like Totton Rec, they were transformed into serene spa going sophisticates. Some of our students bought ‘Krap Slushes’ – a fruit based drink. They wafted, they bathed, they left the lagoon looking 5 years younger & fragrant.
The pit stop at Mamma Mia pizzeria was a hit and by the time we got to Thingvellir our students were far too relaxed to want to get off the bus.

At the Logberg Mrs Cowlard gave a majestic recital of the school rules and re-enacted a court case dilemma involving Angus and Connor and a mystery girl. Unfortunately Angus lost in a X-factor style vote.
The final stop of the day was Hveragerdi where we went into the shopping centre and we had a go at the Earthquake simulator.
Words to describe today: serene, relaxing, fun.