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Day Two In Munich

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Our first full day in Munich involved our second early start for breakfast at and 8, Bush somehow managed to shuffle, blind with tiredness, to the cereal and back all by himself. He didn’t contribute a great deal to our breakfast chat but from his incredibly happy, optimistic mood we could tell he must of slept great. Then our first trip on Munich’s S-Bahn, the suburban train system, which went well, bar our somewhat traumatic experience with a urine smelling lift determined to not let us out. After meeting our guide, Jeff, in Marianplatz we began our walking tour of Munich.

Jeff gave us an overview of Hitler’s rise to power and pointed out key buildings such as the Beer Hall where the Nazi party was born and other areas such as Hitler’s museum of art. Many buildings and locations later we finished our tour and headed for the train station once more and got on the train to Dachau.

Upon our arrival at Dachau concentration camp we became morosely aware of the significance of the journey we had made, walking on the very same cobblestones as the prisoners all those years ago. It’s sheer size was horrifying. The buildings emanated a chilling aura, they seemed to sap the very warmth from the air. A blanket of awed silence settles on our little group, even Dylan seemed to stop talking rubbish. It was a relief to get out even after our comparatively brief stay.