Day 3 Snowball fights Lenin style

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

On the morning of our 3rd day in Russia we travelled to the outskirts of Moscow where Lenin’s house was situated. On arrival we exited the coach to be welcomed by mounds of untouched snow, in which we began to of course make snowballs and reek havoc upon the unsuspecting teachers. Hands cold, and clothes damp from the snow, we entered Lenin’s house. ¬†With our tour guide we began our journey around the house. The house was very large and had many rooms, with expansive ceilings and grand ornaments. We visited a selection of rooms, one of the most interesting being the one in which Lenin passed away in. We also had the opportunity to see Lenin’s impressive Rolls Royce, with abnormal accessories such as skis on the front wheels to help its movement through the snow.

The first thing we did as soon as we got to Arbat Street was run to McDonalds (literally). After we destroyed the burgers we walked up to the end of the busy, tourist filled street. Passing and mostly just looking in many shops a few people bought some souvenirs. After some successful purchases we traveled back to the coach successfully and in time for a good old nap.

One of the most interesting museums we visited during our time in Moscow was the Cosmonaut Space Museum. Our guide Natalia gave us a tour of the exhibitions in the museum which were vital in USSR’s success in the space race against the USA.