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Putin’ down the leaders

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The attitudes towards the leaders that we have seen are not what we have expected. We initially thought that many people would have dislikes towards Stalin because of things like the great terror and his decisions in the Great Patriotic War. The only real attitude towards any leader we see is how Khrushchev is not buried with the rest of the leaders of the Soviet Union. When we visited the graves of the past leaders of the Soviet Union, although Brezhnev was the most popular 20th Century leader and had increased things like the standard of living in the USSR, Stalin was still seen as the best leader that the USSR ever had, he had the most flowers on his grave when we visited. Our tour guide Natalia told us a story her grandmother had once told her. Stalin was giving a speech on the radio about a man that went out for a cigarette break and the next day he was missing, even though Stalin had such control and used Terror for everything Stalin still had the most flowers on his grave. People do not seem to blame the leaders but blame the communist system and ideologies.