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St John the Baptist School – Day 3 in Morocco

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

On the 3rd day we travelled from Quarzazte to South of Zagora and stopped at a palmerie and spoke to one of the farmers and learnt not just about his day- to – day life but about all the other farmers there as well. After that, we went to meet our camels and went on a three hour camel trek! We saw the indescribable view of the Sahara, which we will never forget, especially Lizzie taking a dramatic fall off her camel Carl what a troll. Later that evening we had dinner in a tent camp and spent the evening singing and performing around the camp fire, not something you would do everyday. We then slept in tents.

On the 4th day we had an early morning start waking up at 6:30 and walking up the sand dunes to go and see the sun rise, the view of the desert was breathtaking. We then took a short ride on our camels to the coach where we then set off on our journey back over the desert hills. We stopped at some sand dunes and rolled down them getting sand everywhere. In the afternoon we stopped at the pottery cooperative where we saw some pots in the process of being made. We also saw an acaica tree in the middle of a same dune, the thorns were very big!

This evening we did some yoga with Mrs Flemmington stretching out after our long journeys. Overall it has been a hugely successful trip and we are all sad to be going home tomorrow.