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An eventful day

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


A busy day today and an eventful one- if you didn’t think yesterday was eventful enough this was.

We left the hotel at 9.30am and headed to a volcano crater. (See picture). It was after this drama begun. We went to a small pretty church in the middle of nowhere. The landscape was spectacular. Unfortunately, Mel had slipped on some ice and fallen on her wrist. She was taken to hospital for tests. However the rest of the group headed for the tomato greenhouses. This was very interesting and we also met some really nice horses.

In the afternoon we went to the geyser centre. It was almost impossible to predict when the next geyser would occur, although Mainnon was pretty close. After a visit to the visitor centre we visited a spectacular waterfall. The weather was very cold at this point. On our way back to the hotel we went to pick up Mel from the hospital. It was confirmed that she had broken her wrist. This was obviously not a great situation for everyone especially Mel. We all feel for her.

Anyway, tomorrow we are following SATURDAY’s schedule as the weather for Saturday won’t be suitable for Whale watching. So we will be doing that tomorrow!

That’s the story of another very eventful day. Keep updated and also, I think Ben was quite tired.