Sunday 30th March, Colston Hall, Bristol

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

I’ve decided to meet the rest of the team at Bristol, opting to travel up the day before with my family for a day out at the At-Bristol Science Centre, as well as bringing them along to see some of the choirs perform on the Sunday. For my 8 and 5 year old boys this will be an eye opener; an experience that I hope will nurture an early appreciation in life for the wonderful opportunities that exist for them.

The Science Centre was a great day out for us all, and I seriously thought I’d never be able to pull them away! A human brain on display and a host of other interactive exhibits certainly captured the attentions of my brood!

Our next stop – Colston Hall on the Sunday. I rose early on Mother’s day, left them sleeping and set off to meet Ally and Eleonora from our Concert Tours team. This is Eleonora’s first experience of an event of this scale, with their first tale of the day trailing their previous night’s car journey when they just happened to “miss Bristol!!!” How? Another story I’m sure!

Wow another amazing venue, and a stage that you just can’t help picturing yourself performing on!


Our presentation is set up in the Lantern Room, with its unique architecture and paintings we are set to perform against a back-drop quite grand!

Greg Beardsell arrives in his role as host for the day, along with another batch of choirs ready and raring to give the performance of their lives! Smart school uniforms, glittering dresses, and men in dapper suits all present a dazzling representation of how much today means to them all.

After the days performances I know that my colleagues and I are quickly falling in love with the notion of singing and being part of a choir. Ally is a fully fledged singer in her own right, but for others including myself this is an entirely new experience. I can also guarantee that after experiencing the vigour and vibrancy of Greg Beardsell’s singing workshop, both choirs and members of the audience will have been experiencing this very same emotion. For now I’m going to call it the #gregbeardselleffect!

The choirs competing at Bristol were amazing! Just when you think you’ve seen it all – it just keeps getting better!

Blooming brilliant Bristol!