Day 3:)

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Second morning waking up  in Iceland and still tired from our “Team Quiz” the night prior, we were fed, dressed and out the hotel by 9 am, making our way to the first waterfall on todays trip, Seljlandsfoss. First thought was ” can we get behind it” after many selfies taken in front  we began a very slippery, muddy and challenging trek to behind. We all managed to get an amazing group photo behind this waterfall, before setting back to the coach , quite damp! It was then said to me from “Mossy and Wilko” that the vertical carvings at the top of the cliff were marks left from Haggis´s , although now extinct… obviously! Only now writing this do i realise a Haggis is not an animal, whoppss!

Secondly, we then travelled to the second nearby waterfall, my favourite, Skogarfoss, which once arriving the sun came out, and saw one of many beautiful rainbows! Not only looking at the waterfall we were informed that the water comes over at 6 cumecs per second, wow! We then climbed 470 steps up to the top where we had a 360 degree veiw, phenomonal!

We then drove to the glacier Myrdalsjokull, on top of the volcano Katla, and further walked for 20 minuits and saw the most breathtaking veiw. Carerfull to not slip, we got a close to the snout as we could. Vik a small village was the next stop, and we got off and manage to stop at if i say quite an overpriced cafe. We did however meet a friendly hitchhiker called “Steve” from Hong Kong, we didnt let him onto the coach, but we did wait untill , we took a selfie and caught him “Slippin” he picked up a ride, just as we were leaving… our holiday task complete!

Dyrholaey was the Icelandic copy of Durdle door, but it ws just as amazing. Again we attempted a jumping picture which suprisingly worked better than the teachers attempt yesterday, and the weather even stayed lovely and sunny for us. On the way back we took a stop alongside some Icelandic horses, to find out that no horses are allowed into Iceland and if you take a horse away you cannot bring it back. A quick stop into the museum that explained the story of the 2010 volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull (the one that trapped Mr Gopal in Dubai). 100 tonnes of ash a second poured from it at the time!

Another brilliant day!, now time for dinner and a quick swim before bed.

Lauryn T (Haggis Lover)