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A week in Sorrento – Day 3

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Today was all about imagining life as a lottery winner whilst visiting the island of Capri.

We started the day with a minibus ride to the Marina Piccola (confusingly, this is the larger of Sorrento’s two harbours whilst the smaller one is called ‘Marina Grande’) for the 30 minute ferry ride to Capri. As we approached the island, we got our first glimpse of the luxury villas built high on rocky outcrops and surrounded by densely wooded areas. If you are an A-list celebrity looking for some peace and quiet, this is definitely the place to come!

Our ferry squeezed between the large yachts in the harbour (one of which had a regal looking coat of arms on the side and a UK flag so we had fun imagining who might be paying a visit!).

We disembarked and immediately got on board a smaller ‘Laser’ boat for a trip around the island.

As we stood outside basking in the sun, we enjoyed a commentary from one of the crew who pointed out romantic alcoves, secluded beaches and the villas belonging to such likes as Sophia Loren and Giorgio Armani.

After lunch (a very nice seafood pizza complete with tentacles!), we took a minibus up to Ana Capri for an optional chair lift ride to the highest point of the island. Those of us that were feeling brave enjoyed spectacular views both during the ride and at the top although I admit to being just a little bit nervous every time there was a slight judder and was constantly clenching my toes to stop my flip-flops being lost forever!

When we got back to the harbour, we split up for 20 minutes of souvenir shopping so I took the opportunity to dip my toes in the warm turquoise sea and enjoy another ice-cream.

Although many of us would have liked to stay, inevitably came our time to leave and in keeping with tradition, we were sure to say ‘Arrivaderci Gennarino’ as we pulled out of the harbour and returned to Sorrento.

Today has been a highlight of the trip for many of the group with even better views than those we enjoyed yesterday at Vesuvius.

Now, I must remember to buy a lottery ticket when I get back…