Wadhurst Brass Band arrive in Aachen

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Thur 24 Jul, 7am: What a glorious warm, crystal clear morning in Wadhurst to start our journey to Aachen in Germany. A smooth and pleasant journey, punctuated with singing and David’s guitar, as well as some interesting interaction with customs officials at Dover.

The hotel Buschhausen offered swimming and sauna, which helped us unwind before schnitzel dinner. A short 20 minute walk to Aachen centre, where the cathedral rests in splendid surroundings.

However news reaching this blogster suggests all may not be as it seems. A key member of the Bass section has been parted from her close companion of the past year aka ‘Flip-Flop’. At first it seemed that Mr Flip-Flop had gone for a wander, but reports are coming in that he may have been abducted by persons unknown. More on this later.