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WBB – Day 3 – Morning – Boat Trip on River Maas

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Morning dawned misty and refreshingly cool. After the fun of yesterday’s concert in Aachen, the band travelled to Maastricht ahead of their second concert. The coach made good time and everyone was able to do a quick ‘recce’ of the town before heading off to the river for a lovely boat trip on the River Maas.

2014-07-26 10-00-17

The boat trip gave the band the chance to enjoy the beautiful riverbank scenery, mixed with one or two view of the Maastricht industrial landscape.

After the boat trip there was the chance to fully enjoy Maastricht. Many bars and restaurants were visited as well as quite a few retail outlets.

In the main square was another band from England – the Worcestershire Jazz Band. They were a little late starting due to some technical problems – namely no power supply. WBB members, were slightly bemused by this as we rarely need amplification assistance or electronic input for our performances!

 2014-07-26 12-33-17

However it was well worth the wait to hear this Midland band’s programme. They were very entertaining with a varied selection of classic jazz numbers.

Followers of the Mr Flip-Flop mystery will be relieved to know that he had not been kidnapped by malevolent forces. He’s simply enjoying a spot of independent sight-seeing and his adventures are being chronicled on the Band’s Facebook page.