Where did the summer go?

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

It feels strange today, not joining the mass of colleagues returning to school after the summer break. I know what it’s like. Trying to remember how to set the alarm clock and not sleeping properly the night before – mind constantly turning over every possible scenario for the new year (or was that just me?).

That first day back after the summer holidays is a real shock to the system. Time to try to get back into the old routine. It doesn’t matter how you’ve tried to prepare. Whether you’ve used your holidays wisely and recharged your depleted batteries by thoroughly enjoying the time off or spent much of the holidays developing new resources and meticulously planning every lesson. It will still take some time to adjust. Soon though it will feel as though the holidays were a distant memory as you immerse yourself in the details of the new year. Remember, though, take time for you!

As well as that feeling of disappointment that the summer was over I always had a feeling of anticipation and a smidgen of excitement at what was ahead. New challenges, new students, new colleagues. Do you look forward to the new year or are you filled with a sense of dread?

So what will be the big challenges for geography teachers this year? Well there’s the new National Curriculum! It will be interesting to hear how people get on with teaching this and about the creative ways it has been implemented. What about assessment? How will that work? Along with this there’s GCSE and A Level reform to “look forward” to. How the exam boards will develop their specifications remains to be seen. Still so many unanswered questions.

I appreciate, for those teaching in Scotland, term is well underway. It must feel like you’ve never been away by now. How did the first year of National Qualifications and Highers go?

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