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Iceland Day 3

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The wind was howling, the sky was dark and looming. The countryside looked bleak this morning as we left the hotel and headed out on the Icelandic version of the M1- monotonous! Our destination…… Heimaey! The coach was very subdued, as the affects of a days worth of physical activity began to show. The air however was full of excitement and anticipation.

U2’s new track ‘Volcano’ was appropriately playing in my ears on the coach.

Upon arrival at the most random ferry terminal ever, we were told that a trip to the island wasn’t possible. “Go today, come back tomorrow!! Maybe!! Weather getting worse!!”

So with a change of plan and a renewed purpose, we went to Seljalandsfoss waterfall. All sense of disappointment about our aborted trip to Heimaey soon disappeared as the realisation by the students that they could walk behind the 40 metre high waterfall!! An amazing experience, a fantastic photo opportunity, a real talking point!

Another waterfall, at Skogafoss, but with a different attraction. A walk to the top and a spectacular vantage point overlooking the lip of the falls. Most of the students took advantage of the trek up the hillside with Fowlesy to experience the best views of the waterfall.

We have well and truly been at the mercy of the weather today, which had been gradually worsening! Strong winds and driving rain! The planned glacier walk, our next stop, was undertaken by Mrs Fowles and Mr Wilson-Queen, to our amusement. 30mph winds in their faces, a no go for those of us valuing the safety of the pupils.

We visited, with much interest and surprise, the Skogar museum of culture and transportation. An unexpected treasure of a place, which we all enjoyed – seeing a little of local history.

The Eyjafjallajokull information centre was our next stop meeting the owner, who kindly came onto the coach to speak to us, before watching a very interesting presentation about the 2010 eruption, which affected 10 million people worldwide.

Returning to the hotel, another dip in the pool before games again before dinner.

For those worried about Mrs Fowles missing her birthday celebrations, we had cake and singing last night thanks to our driver by day, party organizer by night!!!!


Mr Mayo.