Iceland Day 4

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Our last full day of activities! Weather had caused many changes to the itinerary, so a cultural day in Reykjavik was planned.

The Perlan (‘The Pearl’ in English) is a spectacular landmark which overlooks Reykjavik and can be seen for miles around. Dating from 1991, it is actually a water storage facility (for the geothermal water that comes out of the earth and supplies the city with its hot water) with a viewing platform, a cafeteria and a revolving restaurant on top. Windy??? A gentle breeze was caressing the area as we ran around the viewing area in a silly and foolhardy way.

Our second port of call, the Hallgrimskirkja or Hallgrimurs Church, is a spectacular concrete attention seeking building in the centre of Reykjavik, famous for its 5275 pipe organ, with its strange weapon-like appearance. Pupils were genuinely impressed by the building and it’s grandeur.

From there, we made a short visit to the City Hall to look at a 3D map of island, allowing us all to put into perspective the places that we had been over the last few days, and the scale of the island as a whole. It was good to see their relative locations.

A little free time before a ‘show’ at the Volcano House, a final bit of shopping, and then we left Reykjavik heading back towards Hveragerdi. Our final stop of the day was at Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Station and Exhibition. A really interesting presentation by ‘Mr Geothermal Man’ definitely made an impression!!! Mr Wilson-Queen has got it down to a fine art!!

The obligatory swimming session and games before dinner is in full swing, and then comes the unhappy packing.

A morning in Hveragerdi is arranged for tomorrow before our departure from the town at 11.30am. Our return flight departs a little after 3 and the plan is still on for an arrival in Ramsgate at 10.

I cannot believe it’s the final evening! It’s doesn’t seem like we’ve been here for 4 days, but when you think of all the amazing things we’ve seen and places we’ve visited, I don’t know how we’ve crammed it all in! It really has been an fantastic experience.

The students have been a credit, and have been brilliant in all situations. I hope they have all enjoyed themselves as much as I have. I will make one more post to conclude the trip when we’re home.

Mr Mayo.