Iceland Day 5 and Home.

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Our final day in Iceland was on Saturday, and we thought it remiss of us not to explore Hveragerdi, the ‘town’ in which was had been based during our stay.

Having packed the coach, we walked through the streets to a Geothermal garden where the students could look around and find out more about how Geothermal energy heats homes in the area. In the local shopping centre, across the road from the hotel, was an earthquake simulator, and the students again, got a really good idea of what living in this hazardous region is like.

We then made our weary way towards the airport, our fabulous coach driver taking us through his home town and surrounding area en route. The pupils really took to ‘Dori’ and we were all very thankful for his help and support over the 5 days we spent in Iceland. From adding locations, to background information, to arranging birthday celebrations, to interpreting and generally being a lovely man.

The time in the airport for the final couple of hours was subdued, apart from the obvious running around looking for present, which was a necessity to us all.

The rest is the rest!


However, on the coach trip back to Ramsgate, I asked the students for feedback whilst the whole experience was still buzzing through them – a soundbite to sum up Iceland 2014, and a piece of advice that they’s wished they had been given. Those, I won’t share but their comments about the trip are a very positive indicator of how the trip went. Some of their comments were:


“The trip was absolutely excellent, not as cold as you think. We made lots of new friends. Definitely going again in two years.”

“The Iceland trip is an amazing experience to see and behold. The views are spectacular especially the waterfalls.”

“A great opportunity to meet new friends, as well as experience beautiful views of the natural world.”

“An amazing experience suitable for all students doing geography or not! It’s a great opportunity to make friends of other years and have a great laugh, capturing beautiful images along the road, you will remember forever!!”

“It is definitely worth going there. So many memories and breath-taking sights. It is a holiday you won’t forget.”

“Awe inspiring sites and unforgettable scenery.”

“Iceland was an amazing experience that I will never forget.”


I think that for everyone that went, this was a fantastic trip. Everyone involved has made some amazing memories, and seen some indescribable sights.

Thank you to Dori, Rayburn Tours, the staff who allowed me to go with them, and to the 34 students who we took away with us.


Mr Mayo.