How To Find Your Perfect Ski Destination

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The hardest part of arranging a ski trip can be choosing your perfect destination! The pressure of ensuring you choose a resort which can cater to all the needs of your group, whilst still providing plenty of opportunities and excitement for everyone, can seem like an overwhelming task.

You are bound to receive a mountain of opinions from parents, colleagues, school governors, and also tour operators like us. This mixed array of ideas can make it can seem like pleasing everybody is an impossible task, but stress no more – Rayburn Ski have the tool to solve all of your problems! Introducing… the ski destination finder!

Rayburn Ski’s website has recently had a glossy renovation, making it much easier to navigate. The website now includes organised sections containing all the information you might need while organising your trip, a new ‘live chat’ box, monitored on a daily basis by our ski experts in head office (don’t be afraid to say hi!), and last but not least, our ski destination finder.

This tool could not be easier to use; simply tick the boxes that apply to the needs and wants of your group, then sit back and watch while our website does all of the hard work for you! A list will then be generated of all the resorts which match your criteria, allowing you to easily compare them with minimal fuss.

It’s then up to you to shortlist your favourite resorts and, when you are ready, give us a call on 01332 347 828 to discuss your choices and available options. And that’s it! By this point you are well on your way to organising the best ski trip ever!