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A trip to The Rhineland! – Day 3

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Revolving Stage at Bad Neuenahr

Day 3 – Wednesday 04th February

At dawn we drove up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress that sits on the mountain of the same name on the east bank of the Rhine. As the sun rose, we observed fantastic views over Koblenz and the meeting of the rivers. We then headed up to the village of Bad Honnaf for another inspection visit at a newly found hostel. Modern and clean with outstanding facilities and friendly staff, we knew this would be a great choice for youth groups!

The afternoon was spent visiting Bad Neuenahr, a renowned Spa town where music is a large part of the local entertainment during the summer months. Here there is a superb concert venue known as ‘Konzerthalle’ that can be used as an outdoor and indoor venue because of its’ revolving stage! It really is something special and should definitely not to be missed.


We arrived back in Koblenz late afternoon where we visited Florinskirche, a church that stands out against the skyline of the old town in Florin’s market near the bank of the Rhine. Although back in Koblenz, the day was not over as we crossed over the river and travelled down the east side to Kamp Bornhofen in the Loreley Valley. The traditional timber rafting and shipping community is now a friendly tourist community that has something for everyone! Standing at the top of the mountain looking down over the district of Bornhofen is particularly romantic, and exploring the Liebenstein and Sterrenberg castles draws you on a fascinating journey into the past. After a visit to meet a local hotelier we were greeted with coffee and cake, then swiftly travelled back to Koblenz where we settled in for an early night!