To all students and staff at Academia Británica Cuscatleca… Welcome to Iceland!

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Group in snow

Monday was the first full day for the Salvadoran students and their teachers. Having travelled from the Tropics to the Arctic they were in for a huge change in climate. Today hit them with wind, freezing temperatures and lots of snow. Most of the students had never seen snow before, so there were snowballs and lots of photos! The cold weather gear, which must have been difficult to find in the Tropics, came into its own as the students dressed in warm layers to keep themselves warm and snug.

Mud pools

On their first day after a long flight we visited the Bridge Between the Continents and Krysuvik mud puddles to start off their experience of the dynamic geology of Iceland. Today we completed the Golden Circle by visiting geysers, waterfalls and the rift at Thingvellir National Park. One of the highlights however was lunch at the Tomato Greenhouse. It was strange to come in from a snow storm to the warmth of a greenhouse with rows of hanging ripening tomatoes. Homemade tomato soup, fresh bread and a delicious apple & green tomato crumble were welcomed by the group.

We’re off early tomorrow morning… More adventures await…