The Birth of the Festival of Sports

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

The Festival of Sports has officially opened its doors for schools to register their students to attend the first ever events in Italy and Greece, 2016. Unlike any product out there today, the Festival of Sports offers all students the chance to embark on an international school sports tour no matter what age or ability. The objective – to engage all physical education students in sports and physical activity, giving students a sporting, cultural experience like no other, and to develop valuable, life benefiting skills.

When first deciding on a new event to offer to the market, thoughts of tournaments, coaching camps and fixtures were at the forefront of our minds. Ultimately, an event was created with you, the teacher, in mind. Research with past and present sports tour leaders presented us with a top 5 factors for an international sports festival. This, is how the Festival of Sports was created.

Physical Education

YOU told us: Coaching linked to National Curriculum values ensures students gain valuable physical skills to improve engagement with Physical Education in school

WE did: Working with UK Physical Education teachers with a specialist in dance and cheerleading, basketball, football, netball or rugby, we created training programmes suitable for ages 11-15 that link to current UK National Curriculum values. In resort, these will be delivered by UK coaches with all suitable qualifications and coaching badges to provide top-quality training sessions.

Extra-curricular activities and outdoor education

YOU told us: All students should be given the opportunity to try out a wide range of sports and outdoor activities to find their true area of interest

WE did: On-site festival staff and ‘Young Leaders’ from Sports Leaders UK will run 3 hour ‘drop in’ activity sessions across a wide range of sports. These will allow your students to try out a range of activities, as well as meet and play against students from other schools from around the world.

‘Soft’ skill development

YOU told us: Higher pressure on STEM subjects to become more of a priority on the curriculum has made it difficult to develop ‘soft’ skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork amongst students. Opportunities for my students to gain these skills from a sports tour would be the ideal solution.

WE did: Working with Sports Leaders UK, ALL students will have the opportunity to achieve the ‘Young Leader Award’. This teaches students vital ‘soft’ skills including leadership, teamwork and communication. On-site Sports Leaders UK representatives will lead sessions, as well as provide paper-based resources prior to your schools departure.

Cultural experienceVenice

YOU told us: My students should have the chance to travel abroad to experience foreign culture, broadening their horizons to develop them as British citizens.

WE did: We agree, whilst in these stunning tour environments it is vital that all students have the chance to embrace the culture of these two countries.

 In Italy, a day in Venice with a guided tour and water taxi experience gives a true flavour of this beautiful city, as well as offering the opportunity to experience fine Italian dining!

In Greece, Athens awaits as we take a trip sports-tours-greece-acropolis-a2through sporting history from the Ancient Panathenaic Stadium to the Olympic facilities used in 2004. Ancient Greek Mythology is also explored at the site of the Acropolis, followed by a Greek dining experience.

Health and Safety

YOU told us: Of paramount importance, any sports tour experience particularly where large numbers of students are concerned should have an appreciation of health and safety. Ideally event sites should be located close together, limiting travel reliance.

WE did: As founding members of the Schools Travel Forum, health and safety is a priority on every school sports trip. Both festival sites were specifically chosen due to their unique nature in offering world-class sports facilities and accommodation all in one safe, gated community. Both destinations offer 24-hour security for your students and with sports and medical provision on-site, limited disruption from travelling also. top of this, the festival of sports offers your students the opportunity to socialise with hundreds of students in a fun and exciting environment. Never a dull moment, our dedicated on-site festival team offer you peace of mind that all sports, activities and evening entertainment will run smoothly, allowing you to relax and enjoy your students becoming more engaged with the subject we all love.

So, what are you waiting for? If this sounds of interest we want to speak to you! Call our events team today on 01332 347828 or enquire now online.

“afPE is delighted that Rayburn Tours, an afPE business associate member, has introduced an event for secondary schools. Rayburn Tours has ensured that the event is fully inclusive and will engage all physical education students, enriching their experience and re-enforcing key values from the physical education national Curriculum programme of study.”

Sue Wilkinson, afPE Strategic Lead and Director of the Professional Support Unit