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Horizon Community College second day in Iceland

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Another night with fresh snow. We had hoped for a sight of the Northern Lights last night. No luck, it is cold enough but the sky was overcast.

This was the day we headed for the SW corner.

However the first unexpected stop was at the Earthquake centre in our village. In 2008 the area was hit by a Richter Scale 6.6 earthquake. Many buildings were damaged, the greenhouses destroyed but no one seriously hurt, although a few chickens stopped laying eggs for a week! In groups of four we entered the simulator, and the earth moved for us. The loudest screams were from the teachers!

On our journey, we saw fumaroles, mud puddles, springs and mineral covers rocks. And the smell! Sulphur or rotten eggs. Lava and more lava.

We then visited the ‘Bridge Between the Continents’. The fissure is opening up a cm or two every year. Time for photos. It was time for hot dogs and burgers in Reykjavik, a stop at the Perlan and then we could all relax in the hot waters of a spa pool.