Dyffryn School – Geography Tour to The Bay of Naples, Easter 2015

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Our first morning glimpse of Mount Vesuvius in its full splendour. Lots of excitement in anticipation of our trek to the crater rim.

Mt. Vesuvius - Coach View


A group discussion with the expert alpine guide gives a true understanding of the formation of the volcano, its previous eruptions and the current evacuation plan in place.

Expert Alpine Guide

Bay of Naples




Mount Vesuvius. The Easter climate offers the perfect weather conditions, pleasant spring temperature and clear blue skies providing phenomenal views over the bay of Naples and the Sorrentine peninsular.




After a leisurely lunch, we meet with Gianni, our Pompeii guide, a firm favourite with Rayburn Groups.  The streets are quickly brought to life with tales of everyday life of 79AD.



This morning setting off to the wonderful isle of Capri.

Isle of Capri


Fantastic views from the top of the Monte Solaro chair lift.

Monte Solaro Chair Lift


What an amazing stay we have had at the Hotel Klein Wien; lovely friendly staff, great food and a breath taking view all included!

Hotel Klein Wien view