Meet our Hong Kong and China expert at the MMA Conference

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Has your musical ensemble ever dreamed of performing somewhere extraordinary? Somewhere exotic, beautiful and iconic? Somewhere like China and Hong Kong? Well this year the MMA Conference will feature a very special guest who may just help make your dreams come true.

An expert in the field and a passionate enthusiast of East Asian culture, Judy Lewin of Rayburn Tours will be in attendance to share her wealth of knowledge on the subject and why it is the perfect destination for a musical tour.

In Chinese mythology music was introduced to the country by Ling Lun at the time of Huangdi; the Yellow Emperor. Legend has it he fashioned bamboo pipes tuned to mimic the sound of the phoenix. China has an incredible musical heritage which differs so vastly from traditional Western forms in everything from notation to instrumentation that it is of immense interest to any music-lover.

It is also a culturally opulent area of the world, offering the chance to experience a country that is changing so rapidly and where the past and future really do intertwine before your very eyes. From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong to the Terracotta Army in Xi’an there are a vast range of adventures to be had. It must also be remembered that these tours offer the opportunity for groups to perform at such breath-taking venues as St John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong, St Francis Catholic Church in Xi’an and the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing, not to mention the chance to perform at such iconic sites as the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.

Judy will be available to book a half-hour slot for a one to one chat about any aspect of this exciting new product available from Rayburn Tours, and about your touring requirements and ideas. You can book a slot with her by telephoning Rayburn Tours on 01332 347 828 any time between now and the conference. But hurry! The slots are expected to fill quickly and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to put your personal inquiry about this incredible product to the expert.