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Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

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At Rayburn Tours we have 50 years’ experience of organising tailor-made performance tours for all kinds of bands. Our brand new Bands Brochure will be going to print this week and it struck us that most of the pictures in the brochure depict brass bands and silver bands. But did you know that we also have a wealth of experience working with bands of all genres, from jazz bands and wind bands to percussion groups, marching bands and even gamelan orchestras?

Concert Tours Manager Jo Porter explains that her team is ready to help any kind of band: “Our experienced staff are also musicians and they really take the time to talk to every client so they can understand what each band is all about; it isn’t an uncommon sight in our office to see our team with their headphones on, listening to our clients’ music and watching their YouTube videos!”

Jo’s dedicated team will even come and watch you rehearse to be totally sure that they understand your band before they start talking to our extensive network of performance venues to arrange your concerts.  “When choosing a venue, we take into account access for your musicians, space for your instruments, the acoustics, audience potential… the list goes on and on, so seeing you play really helps us.”

Nam Miru 23

The team is also always thinking about what needs to happen ‘behind the scenes’. Jo elaborates: “we ask ourselves all kinds of questions: will the instruments fit on the coach? With a large number of percussion instruments, probably not so we’ll make sure to include the cost of a trailer from the outset to avoid any surprises later on. Where will the instruments be stored when the group is in resort? We know that they are valuable pieces of kit so ensure that the hotel has a secure room in which they can be kept.”

But don’t just take our word for it. We have been working with Nottingham University’s BlowSoc for a number of years and have sourced venues in a variety of destinations for their 60-strong wind band and 20-piece jazz band. One of their post-tour comments to our team about a jazz venue in Vienna sums up why they choose to return to Rayburn Tours for their subsequent tours, “Absolutely incredible. Probably the best venue [our jazz band] Moonlighters have ever played, it really was a true professional-style venue which was such a privilege to be able to perform at.” An email from the group leader elaborated further by saying that the tour would “go down in history!”

This sentiment was also echoed by a rock band who toured with us to Belgium, “when asking different companies to help a rock band, Rayburn Tours were the most helpful and proactive.” And it seemed that we delivered on our promise when, after the tour, he commented that it was “a superb professional tour by Rayburn Tours. The whole experience was excellent from start to finish.”

Soul Band Rudesheim 1

Of course, we still love putting together the perfect tour for brass bands and silver bands too. In fact, we have a busy summer ahead of us with 7 brass bands travelling to Belgium and the Netherlands alone.

No matter what kind of band you lead, give us a call today and let our experienced team recommend the perfect tour destination for you. If you want to make sure that you’re one of the first to receive our brand new brochure, register your details here.