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Girls, guys, Gullfoss and Geysirs

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Just ten minutes away from our accommodation we visited the Saga Centre. Here students were offered a unique opportunity to explore the vast and fascinating world of Sagas. They entered a world of mythology, ocean voyages, and the discovery of new lands by glancing back in time, exploring the life and work of past generations. While most of the boys dressed in Viking gear and battled one another, the girls took part in Iceland’s version of the Bayeux Tapestry, becoming a part of Icelandic history,in sewing part of 90 metre long tapestry depicting Njal’s Saga, the most famous if a the Nordic tales.

Departing the land of mythology, we headed north to one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Gullfoss. There is enough water flowing over the lava layers to fill 60 transportation containers. At Geysir We explored the natural wonder in clouds of mist before ‘Whoosh!’ went the geyser, as the water skyrocketed meters above us. ‘Ahh!’ went the students as the water came crashing back down atop their heads. Some dried off by walking around the park, while others remained, mesmerized by the geyser, wanting to get that perfect shot with their cameras. Following the geyser, we went to an Icelandic farm, and saw how the local farmers are harnessing the geothermal energy in their greenhouses to grow tropical vegetables near the arctic. The farmer told us about how the process works not only by heating the greenhouses geothermally, but how plants are pollinated with his imported bumble bees and getting enough CO2 to the plants for a perfect balance, creating delicious tasting vegetables. After viewing the greenhouse, we walked to the front of the farm where horses greeted us and we watched an informative presentation.

Njal's Saga
Njal’s Saga



From the farm, we quickly stopped by Kerid, meaning concave;a crater formed by a small magma chamber beneath the crater that was emptied in an eruption about 6,500 years ago and then collapsed on itself. A night would not be complete without an opportunity to swim, so on our way back to the hostel, we stopped in Selfoss. While some swam, some shopped, and others relaxed at a cafe.