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A-level reform – a glimpse at the new geography specifications

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Are your thoughts starting to turn back to work or are you still in denial? It’s certainly hard to ignore the rows of back to school paraphernalia that have taken over the shops. How do you feel about the thought of the approaching term; excited, nervous, apprehensive?

As a teacher, the preparation for next year often begins before the holidays draw to a close. The release of the A Level results may well have been the trigger that brought on the realisation that the first day of school isn’t far away.

Having glimpsed a world where work doesn’t dictate your every action, the first step on the return to reality might simply be starting to work out which day of the week it is. Before you know it you’ll be channelling that rediscovered energy and optimism into a plan for the new year.

It’s likely that a big part of that plan will be dominated by the changes made necessary by A Level reform. Which exam board should you choose? Which specification will best suit your teaching style and the needs of your students? What about resources?

The draft specifications have been released and are currently awaiting accreditation from Ofqual. As usual these are quite hefty documents and whilst you’ll want to delve deeper into the detail this comparison of the draft specifications might be a useful starting point as you consider the options.

Good luck with your decision and the new term and when the summer holidays are nothing but a distant memory, the tan has faded and the state of relaxation has evaporated, remember half term isn’t too far away!