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Geothermal power and pools

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We started our final day in Iceland by visiting one of the world’s largest geothermal power plants.  After a brief, but interesting, PowerPoint and video explaining how geothermal energy affects us, we were allowed to walk into the engine room before being set free to have a wander round the exhibitions. Our coach then took us to Reykjavik.  A few sites were pointed out to us such as a sculpture of a Viking longboats framework and Hullgrimskirkja, an iconic church designed to resemble basalt rocks.  We then set off in groups to explore the city centre and enjoy a quick lunch.

We returned to the coach to be taken to the Blue Lagoon where we all enjoyed basking in the warm water.  Some of us even tried to create face masks out of the white silica rich mud.

We returned to Papa’s pizzeria for our final meal in Iceland before Anna, our driver, delivered us to the airport with a fond farewell from Iceland.  We purchased our last souvenirs and gifts for home before boarding and flying home.

Ally and Neil