Back to school

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

So the new term is underway. How does it feel? Are you still struggling to get back into the old routine? Do you feel like you’ve never been away? Maybe a new teacher or in a new job filled with excited anticipation at what lies ahead? However you might be feeling school is back and the small matter of educating the masses resumes!

What does the new term hold for you? We’re still waiting for accreditation of the new GCSE and A Level geography specifications and once they have approval and are finalised which board will you choose? This comparison of the draft A Level specifications might help. Once that decision is made it will be just the small matter of preparing schemes of work and developing resources. Easy!

If you are looking for ways to inspire your students and bring the curriculum to life then why not think about planning an educational visit? Fieldwork is an integral and vital part of any geographer’s education and those magical moments experienced out in the field are the ones students will remember for the rest of their lives. A former student of mine recently summed it up when he said,

Visiting Iceland gave me a new perspective into physical geography. Obviously you can watch videos or read in text books how certain landscapes are created but to see these things first hand gives you both a deeper understanding and provides an insight into the sheer scale of a lot of these features.”

Still not convinced this is an effective way to stimulate learning? Check out this video and hear it from students and teachers themselves. You’ll find lots of advice and ideas on our educational tours website.

One final thought. If you’re starting to think about next year’s summer holiday you might want to join our Singapore and Malaysia trip in conjunction with the GA. Take a look and give it some thought. There are just a few places remaining.

Have a good term! I’ll leave you with this thought: