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Day 1; In Iceland “So wheres the mud?”

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

After the main part of the flight we saw the first part of Iceland. 10 minutes later we were on the ground and started to go to customs. From there we went to baggage claim and grouped up.

We then went to our bus equipped with wifi and waited for our tour guide. From there we set off received_502350353267430for Papa’s Restaurant for the pizza meal or more accurately feast. Once we arrived all of us went into the room and found seats. We started with amazing fresh bread pizza sticks things which went down well with everyone having at least one. After that they brought out the pizza all of which looked amazing. We started to get our food and most off us found it amazing even Ray. Jess had a no chesse pizza made for her. In the end we had too much pizza and ended taking five or six pizzas and a dvd about the area back to the hotel.received_502350239934108received_502350336600765received_502350223267443

From there we went to the blue lagoon. At the blue lagoon we were told of the rules and allowed to go and get changed with us having to shower before going in resulting in us freezing when walking received_502350206600778toward the water. The lagoon its self was a nice 37 degrees Celsius and was wonderful. While in the water there was a waterfall and more importantly there is buckets of sila mud for you to use as a facemask and on your arms. After having a one and a half hour swim we got out and took the opportunity to take photos of the lagoon and go to the gift shop where a group of us tried there £65 moisturizer.received_502350193267446

We then headed to the hotel were we were allocated rooms after finding an extra bed for the five person room everyone settled in for the night with absolutely no complaints at all about noise.