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Quotes from the CCC geographer’s on their Iceland experience

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

I have liked the Blue Lagoon – it was so relaxing and different to normal life. Gulfoss waterfall was amazing – beat that High Force. #Waterfall fight (Tom and Simon)

Swimming with the geography teachers was a harrowing experience. (Simon)

One of the highlights of the holiday was seeing the boys covering their faces with the white silica mud at the Blue Lagoon. (Ola)

It’s the perfect place to learn to drive – there are no cars! (Tom)

I am in geography heaven – Swimming in industrial waste water in the Blue Lagoon, Walking along fissures in Pingvellir, watching a geyser gush from the ground and taking a walk around the rim of a volcanic crater. Absolutely amazing! (Mrs Dunlop)

The alien landscape around the Blue Lagoon is like nothing I have ever seen before – it was fascinating. (Mrs Bridge)