Day 2; “Joe first you call me your mum now this…” -Miss Parry

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We started the day with breakfast at 8 which had great pancakes. After breakfast we had some free time and then re-grouped at 9 waiting for Mr Blood and Miss Rushton-Fox. We then got on the coach and headed off for the national park.

At the national park we got to see a rift caused by the plates moving apart and also saw the first waterfall of the day where we took our first group photo. After that we went and saw the point where the Icelandic government was formed and have met for over nine hundred years.


Then we got to the visitor center and Joe Rhead started to climb into a rift that was as tall and at some points taller than him.




From there we headed off to the geyser and hot pools where we got a lot of photographs, puns and the opportunity to buy some food and gifts including real fur items. We also had our second group photo.

At this point while on the bus, Ray was given to Loren and Megan to baby sit during which they had a fruit pastels competition where they both lasted over an hour beating everyone in the competition.



Last we headed to the waterfall where we got to take some brilliant photographs of both the landscapes and each other. From there we headed to the hotel passing the hidden people, the name the locals give to the trolls, elves and faries that live in the rocks that have attached doors onto them.


At the hotel some of us headed off with the teachers to go to the supermarket for an estimated 20 minutes (45 in practice) while the others waited to go swimming or stayed in the common room. The people who went swimming most of them used the slide until they had to leave. After that we had dinner and then had free time.