Day 4; “I should know, I used to work in a cheese factory” -Miss Rushton-fox

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

When we woke up we were greeted by the newly fallen thick, fresh snow. We had breakfast, after which, some of us went to the pool area and started to build a snowman but set our aim too high and didn’t finish it. Some of the girls went out the front and managed to build a full snowman called Henry…

We then headed out to the coach – as we did so we found out that Henry had been horribly Henrymurdered. Putting that behind us, we made the decision to move on with the day and headed over to the first waterfall. At the first waterfall we were able to walk behind it and experience a waterfall in a different way, we then had the opportunity to go to the shop there or to buy some food.

After that, we went to the second waterfall where we took a group photo with a rainbow in the background. While we were there, our guide showed us an optical illusion that caused the ground to warp and look like it changes shape.

We then started driving through the very heavy snow and had to stop in a nearby town where could go shopping for food and gifts. While there, we learned from another school that the volcanic beach wasn’t worth the visit with the cold and the snow so decided to not go to the beach and we started to head to the Glacier.

When we got to the glacier, we started to walk up to a viewing point where we were getting blown around everywhere so we headed back down to the coach and onto the Eyjafjallajökull visitor centre where we watched a movie/documentary. While we were there we got given stickers and a lot of those ended up on Miss Rushton-Fox’s back. We then headed back to the hotel and finally got to have more of my style food (burgers, hot dogs and chips.)