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Chalfonts Community College take to the Land of Fire and Ice

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

I’ve just had the pleasure of being a Field Studies Tutor to Chalfonts Community College on their five day tour to Iceland – and what a brilliant time we had!

After a very early start travelling from London Luton, we arrived in Iceland and delved straight into everything this majestic country had to offer, starting with a lazy afternoon in the oh-so irresistible Blue Lagoon (not before a much-needed pizza stop to fill those hungry bellies!).

The next two days were action-packed from the very beginning; taking in the amazing landscapes of the Mid Atlantic Ridge at Thingvellir National Park, witnessing Geysir’s impressive eruption at the geothermal fields of Haukadalur and travelling east along Iceland’s South Coast.


The students were eager to touch the snout of the Solheimajokull glacier – what’s a little rain when you get soaked by the spray from the mighty Seljalandsfoss waterfall?! The area also allowed them to get to grips with the Eyjafjallajokull eruption in 2010, an important case study for these sixth former geographers.

Staying in Selfoss B&B, which was as homely and accommodating as ever, we decided to venture out into the cold on Friday evening, walking along the nearby river bank away from the light pollution of the town to try our luck at spotting the elusive northern lights.

After checking the Icelandic Met Office, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t optimistic. The aurora forecast was 1 (poor), but low and behold our determination paid off, and there above us was the dancing green flow of the Aurora Borealis. The students were truly captivated and even managed to snap some good shots on camera to prove to everyone back home that we had indeed seen them for real!

Our last full day in Iceland took a slightly more relaxed pace, giving the students time to explore the capital city of Reykjavik and enjoy an afternoon in the local outdoor swimming pool and hot tubs, something which the Icelanders enjoy most days of the year (it’s not like we’re jealous or anything…).

But what really stood out with this group was their enthusiasm. Throughout the trip, they worked so well together, helping and supporting each other and really making the most of all of the sites we visited. Overall, an excellent trip for an excellent group.

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