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Free Teachers Networking CPD Event – Civil Rights History in America

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We’ve teamed up with the University of Derby to bring you a free (yes, free!) teachers networking CPD event on Civil Rights History in America.

Starting with an insightful lecture by the university’s Alasdair Kean, the event will be followed by an interactive session by our very own Paula Kitching – History Tours Development Manager and freelance historian – who will share how the information can be used back in the classroom.

Exploring key questions around activism, gender, violence and democracy, this is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to delve even deeper into American history, gaining knowledge and evaluating arguments that can be shared with their students.

‘This aspect of American history has been a significant component of study for schools for some time and the CPD event will provide a useful and timely opportunity to listen to an expert on the field and understand his current interpretations.’

– Paula Kitching

The event will…

  • Explore the more recent developments of African American engagement in US politics
  • Examine how the information can be used in the classroom by:
    • Looking into how the content can be used for addressing topics and themes exam boards focus on
    • Assessing how the information can be used to develop a series of study plans suited to different abilities
    • Exploring the type of enquiry questions that might be appropriate

Find out more here.

When and where?

  • Wednesday 18 November‌ 2015
  • 4.00pm (for 4.45pm start)
  • OL2 lecture theatre, University of Derby, Kedleston Road site, Derby Campus
  • Refreshments will be available

Want to be part of it? Book your place through the University of Derby now!