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The best of Budapest…

From Sacred Basilicas to modern concert halls, Budapest offers youth ensembles a range of exciting concert opportunities. Perform in famous historical buildings and the finest Palaces in Budapest or discover some of the city’s hidden gems. The choice is yours!

Where can we perform?
  • Stephen’s Basilica
  • Matthias Church
  • Danube Palace
  • Gödöllői Palace
  • Plus many more!
What sights can we see?
  • Budapest Opera House
  • Hungarian House of Parliament
  • Budapest Castle Labyrinth
  • Plus many more!



All roads lead to Rome…

Offering a range of historically-rich performance venues, Rome is the perfect destination for orchestral and choral groups. Explore its Renaissance streets, perform in its many exciting venues and discover the secrets of this fascinating, ancient city!

Where can we perform?
  • St Peter’s Basilica
  • The ancient amphitheatre of Teatro Marcello
  • Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Plus many more!
What sights can we see?
  • Visit the famous Colosseum
  • Discover The Vatican Museums
  • Explore the Zoomarine Aqua Park
  • Plus many more!


The hills are alive with the sounds of Salzburg…

The Austrian State of Salzburgerland is a stunning mountainous region, home to the much-loved ‘Sound of Music’. With an array of beautiful concert venues situated in picturesque valleys and quaint villages, Salzburgerland is the perfect tour for you and your youth ensemble!

From grand cathedrals to local bandstands, there are a wide variety of possible venues to suit all types of ensembles.

Where can we perform?                     
  • The stunning Salzburg Cathedral
  • Mondsee Abbey Church, featured in ‘The Sound of ‘Music’
  • Zella am See Bandstand
  • Kaprun Castle
  • Plus many more!
What sights can we see?
  • Visit the birthplace of Mozart
  • Wander through the quirky Hellbrunn Palace Fountains
  • Visit Hallstatt, described as ‘the most beautiful village in the world’
  • Plus many more!

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