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Decibellas Italian Tour Day one

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

imageThe Journey
After a very….very….early start, we all arrived safe and sound, in body if not in mind, at Manchester Airport. No delays and we were on our way with spectacular views over the Alps!

Touch down on terra ferma and onto the coach.
An hour and a half later we were enjoying our first Italian meal in Cassino. Then it was up the winding road to the The Abbey of Montecassino to experience the beautiful architecture and awe inspiring views. Unfortunately Julia’s beautiful tanned legs were not allowed in so she had to wait outside getting even more beautifully tanned legs. Did I mention the weather? Well sorry girls but it’s lovely, sunny and just the right temperature! ?

I would like to tell you about the beautiful scenery on the road to Maiori but unfortunately I, and most of the coach, slept the whole way.

After checking in, we all went our various ways to find places to eat. And now we bid goodnight. Bueno notte .