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The Mount St Mary’s and Balborough Hall Choir Tour: Rome, the final day

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019


Our last day in Rome. By 10am, everyone had packed and was ready to head back home. However, we couldn’t leave without wandering around the Colloseum and the ancient streets of the Forum. This is history: the bustling Roman streets and marketplaces; the palaces of political intrigue; the temples of gods and priests. Who can resist being thrilled by standing on the very ground where Gladiators battled for their lives and the Emperors of Rome held the power of life and death over the known world?

IMG_1892 IMG_1891 IMG_1889

Torn away from our dreams at 3pm – it was time to go! By 7pm, the final members of the tour were up in the air. Everyone was exhausted, but it was clear that every child, teacher, parent and grandparent had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the choirs gave a final performance on the flight back to the UK.

Balborough Hall Choir give their final performance!


182 pupils, parents and staff stayed at the Church Village Hotel during our concert tour, and many other members of our community arranged to stay elsewhere in Rome and join us for our concerts.

Thank you to the magnificent staff of Rayburn Tours for making our tour to Rome so memorable.