Top 5 things teachers really do in the summer holidays!

Last updated: Jun 4th, 2024

The summer holidays are upon us! For the lucky ones they will have already arrived…perhaps even a few weeks ago. As the school bells rings up and down the UK and beyond for the last time marking the start of the summer, we can almost hear a collective (exhausted) sigh of relief.

We know for the vast majority of you that it’s not all holidaying, relaxing with your feet up and enjoying what you can of the English summer in beer gardens with a drink in hand… well not for the full 6 weeks at least!

Over the past few days and weeks, we’ve been chatting to teachers to hear about what they have planned and have compiled the top 5 summer holiday ‘antics’.

1. Celebrate

Having worked tirelessly all year with early starts and late nights marking, lesson planning and prepping, the start of the summer holidays is a time to let your hair down. Whether you decide to make a beeline to the pub after work and soak up some sunshine in the beer garden with colleagues, pop open the bubbly at home or simply put the kettle on – ‘Cheers!’

2. Recharge your batteries

No need to set your alarm for that early start and rush into school to arrive before the students to do some last minute essentials. Instead give yourself that chance to get some deserved rest and relaxation.

Experts recommend at least 8 hours sleep a night, but what teacher actually manages that amount? Take the opportunity over the holidays to rest and revitalise. Nothing beats a long lie-in, an early night, or even an afternoon nap!

3. Explore/ Travel

Take the time to get away during the holidays. Whether you’re jetting off to sunny climes for some poolside relaxation and a chance to get a bit of colour on those pasty limbs, heading off on an epic adventure to tick off a few things on your bucket list, or having a staycation and heading to the great British seaside, getting away from the classroom into the outdoors does the world of good.

4. Friends and family

Spending time with family and friends is a key part of what the holidays should be about, so take the time to see those who you’ve not had chance to meet up with during term. While the sun’s shining, why not meet up for a picnic in the park, grab your bike and head out if you’re feeling active, or should the inevitable happen and the ‘traditional British summer’ kicks in opt for a cuppa and a catch up indoors.

5. Get ready for the new term

Last but by no means least, our final point on the list is taking the time to get planned and prepared for the term ahead. While non-teachers comment on how lucky you are to have endless time off, it is of course not all ‘play and no work’… you’re on holiday, but the fact the ‘out of office’ doesn’t mean that you’ve switched off.

With the new GCSE and A level curriculum being taught from September in many cases, for the majority of teachers the holidays will be a time to get their head around this and how to teach the new curriculum effectively.

Whatever the summer break holds, we hope that it is a chance to rest, relax, recharge and enjoy yourself!

The Rayburn Tours team will be in the office throughout the summer and would be delighted to chat with you about planning your next international trip with your students…after you’ve had chance to tick off 1, 2, 3 and 4 of course!