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Cirencester Kingshill in Iceland: Day 4

Last updated: Aug 22nd, 2019

The weather gods smiled on the group today as we woke to clear skies and beautiful sunshine. We had a packed day of sites that not only took in the volcanic activity in the country, but also its waterfalls, glaciers and coastal features.

Tales of Trolls and Sealmen (Selkies) enthralled the students as we made our way along the south coast. It was difficult to decide which way to look, with views of Hekla and Mydralsjokull to the north and the Westmann Isles to the south. Another chance to try out the waterproofs as we walked behind Seljalandfoss and all were amazed by the power of this isostatic waterfall.

As we continued to travel south, the coast cliffs gave way to the ice sheets and glaciers that give Iceland its name, and at the Visitor Centre below Eyjafjallajokull, the group heard a very personal account of the 2010 eruption.

Onwards to look at the magnificent coastal features at Reynisdranger, from igneous intrusions to columnar basalt – this was living the Geography for the Kingshill’s students as they were able to see features they had only read about in their textbooks.

Onwards and upwards to the top of Skogafoss and then down to brave the spray at the base, looking for the gold at the base of the rainbow (or rainbows as there was today).