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Cirencester Kingshill in Iceland: Day 2

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

We awoke to clear skies and fantastic views, exactly what you want for a walk up an active volcano!

A short ferry ride to Heimaey, the largest of the Westmann Isles allowed the group to put the landscape of Iceland into perspective, with its black sandy beaches and towering volcanic landscapes. As the puffins swooped and dived around us, it promised to be a perfect day for our Heimaey exploration.

The walk up Eldfell started on the lava fields and seeing the crosses marking people’s lost homes, put the impacts of the 1973 eruption into perspective for the students and all were silent for a few moments in respect for that loss.

In the words of Harper, a Kingshill student: “Our first mission – a hike up a very active volcano, only formed in 1973. As we walked up to the crater on steep slopes, we were able to catch our breath, greeted by stunning views, each more beautiful than the last. At the crater, we looked back to the mainland and views over Eyjafjallajokull – the natural rock formations looked unrealistic, as if it was a canvas carved by a world class artist.

The highlight for the students and staff alike was being able to sit and eat lunch on the hot rocks of Eldfell, which brought home how recent this eruption really was.

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