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Cirencester Kingshill in Iceland: Day 3

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

A dry and cloudy start to the day – not only looking at the geography, but also the history and culture of Iceland.

First call a visit to Thingvellir, important as the site of the first Icelandic parliament, Althing. The students questioned why choose this site away from the main settlements and how strange to choose to locate their parliament on one of the most important tectonic sites in the world – being the meeting place of the North American and Eurasian plate margins. Leif, our driver suggested it was a good location as had many roads meeting from all directions, plus, there was a feeling of calmness in the area, important when deciding key points for your country.

Onwards to Gulfoss and Emma and Lauren had their first opportunity to try out their new waterproofs. Excitedly, they dressed head to toe and walked down the footpath, ensuring they stood for a while in the spray from the fall. The students were entranced by the scale and grandeur of the cascade and the power of the fall. Everyone was excited to make our way to Geysir, and even the rain that had started, failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the group. Dressed head to foot in their waterproofs, all stood, cameras in hand to catch Strokkur in all its glory. Screams of delight as they were showered with the warm spray of the actual eruption.

A brilliant day, which really brought home to the Kinghill students how tectonically active Iceland is.

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