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Haut-Lac Iceland Trip – Day 3 – Glacier walk on Solheimajökull and Vik

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Cette première journée ensoleillée nous emmenait sur la patinoire gigantesque du glacier Solheimajokull. En mode LES NAINS DE BLANCHE NEIGE, nous étions équipés de la tête aux pieds; crampons, moufles, pancho et piolet. La marche fût longue, zigzagant à travers les crevasses, tunnel de glace et pyramides de cendres volcaniques. Main en main, quelques heures plus tard nous gambadions sur une plage de sable noire de galets volcaniques effrayés par de monstrueuses vagues islandaises.


Later the group made stops at breathtaking waterfalls. The first one was over 50 meter high and was very impressive. We all felt incredibly small. A rainbow hovered around the centre of the flowing water, uniting all the colours, forming the breathtaking landscape. Students ran towards the mouth of the fall and were lightly showered from its mist. Next, we visited another waterfall which we were able to walk behind, allowing us to view it from a completely new perspective. The last waterfall of the day was by far the smallest in size, but it was beautifully hidden and we all were in awe of its natural beauty. A small stream between two tall stretches of rock lead the group to the secret waterfall.