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Follow the Road Less Toured…

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

Veer away from the main tour spots in search of something different…


A haven of rolling limestone plains, lofty sea cliffs and crystal aquamarine waters, Malta’s charm lies in its picturesque landscapes, quaint coastal towns and fascinating history. Due to its status as a popular film set location, tourism in Malta is on the incline (however, it’s still enough of an ‘off the radar’ destination to be considered a bit of a hidden gem!).

With an ancient history that stretches back to 5200 BC and an architectural fusion of temples, ancient walled-towns and great fortresses, this old-world region has a diverse collection of grand performance venues (365 churches to be exact!).

The island’s natural beauty extends from its stunning coastline to its enchanting parks and idyllic gardens, offering ample opportunity for outdoor performances on warm evenings.


3 Reasons Malta is perfect for your next concert tour

  • Sun, sea and spectacular scenery!
  • Perform in Malta’s beautiful churches or in the lively St Paul’s Bay
  • Soak up Malta’s fascinating history and visit temples, ancient towns and fortresses!

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Western Bohemia and Prague

The quaint spa towns of Western Bohemia on the outskirts of Prague provide a tranquil retreat that counters the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Close to the region’s lively bandstands and exquisite colonnades, Western Bohemia is the perfect base for your ensemble with easy access into Prague.

Hop between the two and experience the best of this beautiful region of the Czech Republic!


3 Reasons Western Bohemia and Prague is perfect for your next concert tour

  • Perform in fantastic venues in the spa towns
  • Enjoy day trips to Prague!
  • Sample the fine Czech beer on a brewery tour!

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