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Second World War Timeline – Download your FREE classroom poster

Jun 14, 2017

In September 1939, a second global war began when Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany. The war extended across Europe into Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and the Pacific.

The Second World War is remembered as the most devastating conflict in history, in terms of the numbers killed, property damaged and financial costs. The number of casualties is estimated at between 50 and 70 million people. The Holocaust was one of the most significant events of the war with over six million people being systematically murdered by the Nazi regime.

We’ve compiled a timeline of the key events to aid your students learning of the most destructive war in history.

Download your free Second World War poster as a classroom resource.Bring history to life for your students with a History Trip.  Get in touch with our expert Tour Consultants by calling 01332 347 828 or enquire now.